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Black Lotus

Web Design And Development

Black Lotus is a team of web designers, web developers, SEO experts, AdWords spelialists, copyrighters and translators sharing common dreams and ambitions, but above all our common goal is to make the web a better place!

The idea was born by Thanos Potossis - Front End Developer and now as the needs keep rising the team keeps growing by adding experienced members capable of executing the most challenging of tasks.

We are passionate about making websites. Our belief is that every single project is like an idea, dream or vision waiting to become reality and then it becomes a unique part of the world always carrying a part of you... All it takes is just imagination, love, creativity and the right moves!

We create beautiful and easy to use professional websites using the latest technologies available. Html5 Css3 and jQuery blend into a powerful mixture resulting into SEO friendly websites. From this point on we use the best practises for the website to get to the top ranking positions in the search engines. Using on-site and off-site SEO Techniques to boost the organic positions and AdWords Campaigns to reach the top paid positions.

The platform we use is mainly WordPress an easy to learn and use CMS, very flexible when it comes to building a website which gives us the freedom to achieve everything you can imagine. Any custom design can be integrated with WordPress, any functionality desired can be put into it and any customization needed can be made, even to an already existing theme. Responsive or not, If you want your website to look absolutely amazing, to be user friendly and easy to manage, we offer complete solutions from design to development and support. Feel Free to contact us and find the solution that best fits your company needs and bring your vision to reality!

The Story Behind...

Black lotus is a flower that rises and blooms unsoiled by mud and water, symbolizing rebirth, purity and enlightenment. The color Black (absence of all colors) stands for the point zero... a new start from scratch... the first step towards the future... Promising and Determined. Solid and Certain. As it Should Always Be.

This is the Legacy we are proud of, as we express ourselves and share our "steps" with the whole world.
Thank You for taking a moment to share this experience with us...
Always remember that whatever you do
Stand at Your Own Two Feet, Feel Blessed and Appreciate the Days Rising Ahead...

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